Slo-Impact Trainer
Slo-Impact Trainer
Slo-Impact Trainer
Slo-Impact Trainer
Slo-Impact Trainer

Slo-Impact Trainer

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The Solo-Impact Trainer takes your training sessions to the next level. It is the perfect way to train by yourself and become an elite player!


Master ball control - The cord produces a strong rebound that is perfect for practicing your receiving and ball control.

Get faster reactions - You will have to react quickly, which is key to perform in the modern, fast-paced football.

Become better at passing - You can pass in whatever direction and height you want. This is the type of realistic training you need.

Forget the chase - Stop wasting time chasing the ball. Increase your repetitions and your training sessions efficient.


  • Quality and durable materials that will last you a long time.
  • Kinetic cord (2.5m/8.20 ft) with a stretch length up to 5m/16.40ft.
  • Neoprene ball glove that fits all ball sizes (3,4, and 5).
  • Waistband with velcro strap and clip that fits athletes of most sizes.
  • Hands-free trainer that allows you to maintain great mobility.


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Package inclusions:

Adjustable cord, waistband, and ball glove.